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Kids | Teen | Family Yoga



Yoga can be a sanctuary for kids to have a place to develop self-confidence as well as focus while having fun! Classes integrate traditional yoga poses, storytelling, play with relaxation, and kids meditation. Group discussions and valuable peer activities create a positive atmosphere that supports confidence & growing healthy bodies in a non-competitive environment. Relaxation and breathing exercises are used to promote overall balance and concentration, which can be applied to academic, athletic, and social situations. Yoga fosters a sense of inner harmony and offers kids a place to grow in supportive community.

Online - You will receive a link to access.  Class is live, we use audio and video to participate.

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Schedule by Email or (215) 317 - 2412.


Kids can have a private class or make it family yoga. Mom's & Dad you are welcome to join and connect with your inner kid and have some time to be silly.

FAMILIES IN NEED: I have a few donated classes to offer for those in need.  Email:  to request a class