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Gratitude Tapping with Jen - Meditation & Tapping Gratitude into the Past, Present and Future


Tapping for Gratitude - In this tapping class, we start out with some basics, go into a meditative state to recall and connect with moments where we felt truly grateful, loving and happy. We then share the gratitude experience with a tapping meditation.
We do not need to feel a sense of gratitude to benefit from this practice. Just in the nature of taking this time for yourself you feel the perfect about gratitude for you today.
Tapping on acupressure points while connecting with others over what we feel grateful for. This is a practice to speak with love. Tapping on acupressure points can help clear stress in this vulnerable and make it easier for us to share what is in our hearts.
May this also help us shift negative thought patterns and hold beliefs so that we are living more heart centered and compassionately.