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Guided Meditation

Cultivate Patience, Explore Boundaries, and Dream of What you Want with Jen

Clear Stress and Anxiety and Create a Calm Clear Mind with Jen

Ancestral Healing | Healing the Past | Guided Meditation with Jen

Hypnosis Meditation & EFT Tapping A Feeling of Gratitude into the Past, Present and Future with Jen

Hypnosis Guided Meditation for Releasing the Need for Life to be Fair with Jen

Pilates Fusion

A Moment of Respect with Heather

Your Breath is Your Partner in Shine with Heather

New Programming with Heather

Inter-Mix with Heather

Booty Barre with Heather

Dreamcatcher is On with Heather

Light Up Your Strength with Heather

Choosing Gratitude with Heather

Practice it Here First with Heather

The Synergy of 3!: Peace, Faith & Surrender with Heather

Pilates Fusion and Art Series

Cultivate the Virtue of Patience with Heather and Emily

Sending Love and Reiki

Sending Love and Reiki Class Theme: Where do I put my hands when doing reiki? with Jen

Our Intention is threefold 1) Hawaian Magic 2) Sending Love and Reiki to the Lymphatic System 3) feeling safe and grateful with Jen

Sending Love and Reiki to the Earth, Collective Consciousness, Children with Jen

The Truth is Emerging

Intuition Worksheet by Uma Bode


What is Beauty with Bridget

Mudras for Mental Awareness and Physical Digestion with Bridget

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra - An Introduction to Deep Relaxation - with Romika